All history majors are encouraged to consider an internship (HIST 497) in history as part of their undergraduate study, especially if they are thinking about teaching history in the public schools or a career in public history. Internships give students the opportunity to apply the historical skills learned in the classroom and gain work experience – all while receiving university credit. HIST 497 is also intended to help students prepare job application material and to learn how to market what they have learned in the classroom to future employers.

Undergraduate history majors can apply up to 4 units of internship credit towards the history major. Each unit of internship credit requires 45 hours of work. Therefore, a student enrolled in a 4-unit internship is expected to perform 180 hours of work over the course of the semester. Internships can be spread out over several semesters with the approval of the internship coordinator.

Please note: students are responsible for securing their own internships. Many students intern at organizations with which they have standing relationships or shared interests such as museums, schools, historical societies, state parks, county agencies and non-profit organizations, and other government agencies. Your internship must be history-related. Not all internships are appropriate for history department credit. Because finding an internship often takes several weeks, students are encouraged to begin this process well ahead of time, preferably before the semester begins. Undergraduate internships must be approved before you begin your placement. Approval of internships will be at the discretion of the internship coordinator. The History Department will not retroactively approve undergraduate internships or internship hours.

For information about undergraduate history internships, contact Professor Stephen Bittner.