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Certificate Programs

Public History Certificate

The Public History Certificate is a 22-unit interdisciplinary program designed to give students concrete research, writing, and interviewing skills that are applicable in a number of professions including museums, libraries, city/county governments, historic preservation organizations, and corporations.  Students take core courses in history and elective courses in at least two other disciplines.

For more information, please contact Professor Steve Estes.

Dual Language Historical Research Certificate

The DLHRC is a minimum 14 unit program that combines advanced language training with historical study and research, allowing students to broaden their topics of study by making use of primary and secondary sources in other languages.  Students are required to demonstrate language proficiency, take a historical research methodology course, and two-4 unit history electives, portion of which includes reading and research in non-English language sources. 

For further information and a list of qualifying courses, please contact Professor Stephen Bittner.