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Theresa Alfaro-Velcamp

Professor Emeritus

Theresa Alfaro-Velcamp
Theresa Alfaro-Velcamp



Dr. Alfaro-Velcamp’s scholarly endeavors span three continents with regional foci in the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. Her publications include a book, co-authored book, and more than 20 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on Arab immigration, US immigration policy, Mexican multiculturalism, South African refugee policy, research ethics and vulnerability of immigrant subjects, public health, and legal history.


Ph.D., M.A. Georgetown University; M.Phil University of Cape Town, South Africa; M.Sc. London School of Economics and Political Science


Migration and Legal History, Latin America, Africa, U.S., Middle East

Selected Publications & Presentations

“Getting ‘Angry with Honest People’: The Illicit Economy in Immigrant Documents in Cape Town,” co-authored with Robert McLaughlin, Mark Shaw, Matthew Skade, and Gahlia Brogneri, Migration Studies (March 2017).

"Don’t send your sick here to be treated, our own people need it more’: Immigrants’ Access to Healthcare in South Africa,” International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care (2017).

"Please GO HOME and BUILD Africa’: Criminalising Immigrants in South Africa,” co-authored with Mark Shaw, Journal of Southern African Affairs, Journal of Southern African Studies, (September 2016).

“The Vulnerability of Immigrants in Research: Enhancing Protocol Development and Ethics Review,” Journal of Academic Ethics, co-authored with Robert H. McLaughlin, (January 2015).

“Buenos y malos extranjeros: La formación de clases como perspectiva ante las admisiones y exclusiones en la política migratoria de Estados Unidos en el siglo XX,” Historia Mexicana, (abril-junio 2014).

“Profit, Privilege, and the Promise of Mexico: The Making of Carlos Slim Helú and Family,” Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian Communities in the World: Theoretical Frameworks and Empirical Studies, edited by Trevor Batrouney, Tobias Boos, Anton Escher, Paul Tabar. Heidelberg, Germany: Universitätsverlag Winter, 2014.

“From Tío Mustafa to Auntie Rana: Journeys to Mexico, the U.S., and Lebanon,” Ethnic Historians and the Mainstream: Shaping America’s Immigration Story, edited by Alan Kraut and David A. Gerber, Rutgers University Press, 2013.

“When Pernicious Foreigners Become Citizens: Naturalization in Early Twentieth-Century Mexico,” Journal of Politics and Law, (March 2013).