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Randall Dodgen


Randall Dodgen
Randall Dodgen



Ph.D., Yale University


East Asia and Pacific History

Selected Publications & Presentations

Controlling the Dragon; Confucian Engineers and the Yellow River in Late Imperial China, University of Hawaii Press, 2001.

"Hydraulic religion: 'great king' cults in the Ming and Qing" Modern Asian Studies 33.4: 815-833, 1999.

“Salvaging Kaifeng: Natural Calamity and Urban Community in Late Imperial China,” Journal of Urban History,  21:6, Sept. 1995, 716-740.

“Hydraulic Evolution and Dynastic Decline: The Yellow River in Late Imperial China,” Late Imperial China, 12:2, Dec. 1991, 36-63.

“Counter-ritual and popular political consciousness: late Ch‘ing "secret societies" in perspective.” In Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy in Late Imperial China, Montecito, CA, 1981.