Randall Dodgen


Randall Dodgen
Randall Dodgen

Ph.D., Yale University


East Asia and Pacific History


Professor Randall Dodgen received his Ph.D. in Chinese History from Yale University in 1989. Dr. Dodgen first became interested in China during a visit to Hong Kong in 1967. In the 1980s he spent almost five years studying Chinese language and doing research in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing and other parts of China. Dr. Dodgen lives in San Francisco with his wife and two daughters and retired in 2019.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Controlling the Dragon; Confucian Engineers and the Yellow River in Late Imperial China, University of Hawaii Press, 2001.

"Hydraulic religion: 'great king' cults in the Ming and Qing" Modern Asian Studies 33.4: 815-833, 1999.

“Salvaging Kaifeng: Natural Calamity and Urban Community in Late Imperial China,” Journal of Urban History,  21:6, Sept. 1995, 716-740.

“Hydraulic Evolution and Dynastic Decline: The Yellow River in Late Imperial China,” Late Imperial China, 12:2, Dec. 1991, 36-63.

“Counter-ritual and popular political consciousness: late Ch‘ing "secret societies" in perspective.” In Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy in Late Imperial China, Montecito, CA, 1981.