Peter Mellini

Professor Emeritus

Peter Mellini
Peter Mellini


Academic Interests

Stanford in Britain: Modern British History, 1965, Stanford University: Western Civilization,1968-1970; Sonoma State University: 1970- 2001, World Civilization; Modern European History, Historic Preservation; San Francisco State University: 1983, European History; 1985-1989 History of Journalism.


Modern British & German History; Modern World History Since 1500; History of Journalism & the Media; Historic Preservation Architecture


Peter Mellini was born in Los Angeles in 1935, educated in the LA public schools & Phillips Exeter Academy, 1954; the US Army in Germany, 1956-1958; & Stanford University,  BA 1962. MA 1965 & Ph.D. 1971 in History.

Selected Publications & Presentations

The Overshadowed Proconsul: 1977
In VANITY FAIR with Roy T. Matthews, 1983

“Colonel Blimps England” + 4 History Today
New DNB; The Political Cartoon Quarterly
Journal of Newspaper & Periodical History
Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Britain
Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East; AHR
African Historical Studies; American Journalism

Print Quarterly

The Economist
San Francisco Chronicle